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(8) Peter Sotheran - 'Classics at Kirkleatham'
Thu, 28 April 2011 08:01:46 +0000
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We have had the pleasure of presenting Miss Shikimori on several occasions, as a soloist and in her violin duo. Each time the audience has been enthralled by the ease of her virtuosity and the emotion of her interpretations. We look forward to welcoming Mami back to our 17th century venue in North Yorkshire, England.

Peter Sotheran, Concert Orgtaniser

(7) Stuart Newstead
Wed, 20 April 2011 13:10:34 +0000

Hi Mami,

Welcome to cyberspace! It's great that you are displaying your talent to the whole world.

Best wishes,


(6) 守屋 修 ・ 守屋 静子
Tue, 19 April 2011 06:55:25 +0000

満美ちゃん ホームページ開設おめでとうございます。

(5) Moah and Pad Lavankura
Mon, 18 April 2011 16:52:15 +0000

Hi, Mami. Congratulations! Brilliant music and beautiful you. We love it so much.

(4) 式守美代子
Mon, 18 April 2011 16:39:59 +0000


(3) Fanny Gutjahr
Thu, 14 April 2011 22:03:21 +0000

Dear Mami, what an amazing site! These photos are absolutely stunning. And the music. i am very much looking forward to listening to you in Oxford this summer. All the best Fanny

(2) Andrew Claxton
Thu, 14 April 2011 20:20:50 +0000
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Congratulations on your new website, Mami! The world will listen!

(1) Edmund Mike Jones
Thu, 14 April 2011 16:34:49 +0000

Mami is a pleasure to play with. I always thought "beauty of tone" was a term appropriate for a string player rather than a pianist, so I have learned something new!